Founded by one of Britain’s most respected chefs, Marcus Wareing Restaurants is a high-quality group acclaimed for its food and the achievements of its team. However, Marcus was frustrated that these stories were getting lost.

When a restaurant becomes a group, it needs an identity – something to tell the story when the founder can’t be in every kitchen. Secondly, food, even at a high level, has moved on. MWR needed an identity which dispensed with preconceptions of fine dining, in favour of the personality, craftsmanship and love obvious in their kitchens.

Interviews with key staff revealed a consistent relationship between tradition and modernity: heritage recipes, elevated; classical training and nurturing the next generation; welcoming environments full of surprises. We began to build around a philosophy: “comfort in the familiar, hunger for the new”.

We needed a style that combined respect for the past with excitement and creativity. A series of modern still life scenes telling the story of each restaurant allowed us to talk about classic skills whilst feeling, exuberant, surprising and progressive.

Photography credits:
Still life and food: Jonathan Gregson
Interiors and portraits: Jenny Zarins

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