From negative to positive

Living aids – from jar-openers to walking frames – are an essential part of many people’s lives. In the past, the branding of these products – dull, cluttered and with poor photography and typography – has reinforced a sense of necessity and limitations. Approached to introduce a range of living aids into supermarkets, BuroCreative were challenged with creating a contemporary brand that stood out from the crowd.

Keen to de-stigmatise the products and make customers feel better about purchasing, BuroCreative created the name “Adaptable”, a fresh, positive voice in a tired category.

This approach was translated to packaging with an open, modern aesthetic, crisp photography and easy to access messages. The design offers consumers a fresh choice in a tired category, reducing stigma around the purchase of these useful products.

The brand was introduced into Tesco in 2010, with BuroCreative responsible for all aspects of the brand roll out.