Job applications – the reality

6pm, Friday 23rd September, and we sent our ad for a Junior Designer down the wires. The following Monday, we had close to 200 responses. By last Friday’s closing date, there were nearly 600. It’s a situation that brings daily news of economic difficulties into context and our overriding emotions, when faced with this bursting inbox, were of sympathy and trepidation.

It’s a frustrating situation for everyone. Whilst senior staff spent the entire weekend and more looking through every single CV, it would take weeks to respond to each individually – despite many valid requests for feedback. It struck us, however, as we waded through the good, the bad and the occasionally unsettling, that it was important for those looking to start or further a career in design to understand the reality of the job market at present and for us to offer some words of constructive criticism and encouragement. What follows is not copy and pasted from some jobs site, but borne out of reactions to these recent applications. It’s important to ask, therefore, when reading, is this me?

For feedback, read on…

Our final comment would be one of hope and encouragement. The skill set we were looking for was specific to our current needs. On this search, we saw some great talent, which, while not appropriate for this role, we were sure would find the right opportunity to shine. And we were happy to hear from candidates who had managed to secure jobs or placements elsewhere. Young, enthusiastic, creative minds will always be needed.