Burrito Mama is a specialist burrito restaurant from the team behind Wahaca. Based on the simple premise of “better burritos”, Burrito Mama combines quality ingredients, no-nonsense speedy ordering and unique twists such as homemade slaw and grilled tortillas.


Despite origins in Mexico, burritos are becoming a UK staple, especially at lunchtimes. We avoided obvious ethnic cues with an identity based on product and experience. We gave Burrito Mama a unique voice in the increasingly crowded Mexican marketplace by focusing on freshness and speed – with vibrant colours and a hand-rendered, overprinted feel.

Working alongside architects Softroom we brought the identity to life in-store with a centrepiece large format artwork (applied by artists Soulful Creative).


The best burritos are served fast. We worked with developers Flypay to create an app that combines a satisfyingly retro feel with the latest ordering technology.


For more information, please visit our new site: without.studio