Headed by environmentalist Tristram Stuart and Masterchef Thomasina Miers, The Pig Idea aims to change European law and put food waste back on the menu for British pigs.

As “hambassador” Gizzie Erskine puts it: “Food waste goes in the bin and meanwhile we chop down the Amazon for planting soy to feed piggies. Its topsy-turvy. Reverse the ban and let them eat waste again. We’d be helping pig farmers, bringing down the price of pork and saving the rainforest all at the same time. That’s the Pig Idea!”


The Pig Idea tackles a complex issue. As such, our role was to provide an accessible entry point – something visually intriguing which encouraged further engagement. We developed the name, identity (never was potato stamping more relevant) and website for the campaign.

In November, the Pig Idea Feast took place in Trafalgar Square, where over 5000 members of the public were treated to pork-tastic dishes and cooking demos by some of the country’s top chefs. Since the event, the campaign has attracted over 8000 pledges of support.