Yawn is a new luxury lifestyle brand created by BuroCreative and retail consultant Alice Whiteley. A busy mum of three, Alice had been shopping for some feel-good pyjamas and some TLC. Frustrated by the familiar ranks of plain, stripe and check, Alice set about creating the ultimate pyjama.

As partners in Yawn, BuroCreative were responsible for every aspect of the brand – starting with initial proposition and naming.

Yawn was founded on the principle of “pyjama time” – timeout from everyday stresses. As well as being physically comfortable, the Yawn brand needed to communicate warmth, friendliness and relaxation.

Eschewing the purchase-from-stock approach of many fashion brands, Yawn products are defined by unique, handcrafted prints, created by BuroCreative designers Peter Ryan and Katy Smith. Each print has a link to relaxation – from Catnap to Port in a Storm.

Yawn’s launch collection was art directed by BuroCreative and shot by the brilliant Sam Robinson and The Shop Studios.

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