Moët & Chandon

Making a splash across Europe

Bringing a new product to market for the venerable house of Moët & Chandon is an occasion worth celebrating. But how is the launch of a new champagne coordinated across teams in 16 countries, at hundreds of venues and social events?

By creating a social network…

The site is designed to build a sense of occasion and excitement internally, co-ordinate activities, disseminate crucial information and build a community of brand managers who can share experience and learnings, in a secure environment.

To minimize barriers, the site is designed around a familiar social network user interface, with profile walls, status updates, and photo albums.

And the result? Weeks of club launches, hundreds of press junkets and thousands of bottles later (and we have the photos to prove it), Moët Ice Imperial has proven one of the most successful products in the Moët Hennessy stable.

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