Outsiders call it Mexico City. To those who know, it’s Distrito Federal. To locals, it’s simply DF.

A new restaurant concept from the creators of Wahaca, DF/Mexico combines informal, diner-style eating with Mexican fast food and modern American influences.

Our identity for Wahaca successfully established a new visual language for Mexican food in the UK. However, competitors soon followed suit. Our challenge with DF was to disrupt the sector yet again. Where Wahaca was born out of vibrant Mexican street markets, DF is an urban animal, influenced by the fast food and service culture from across the border. With a stripped-back  palette and confident patterns, DF/Mexico is a crash course in Mexico City.

Inside the restaurant, we brought the identity to life using large graphics and bold typography to compliment the sophisticated, industrial environment created by Softroom architects.

A collection of bespoke icons bring excitement and flexibility to the identity without relying on overuse of colour.

This sense of character was carried through online…

…which included a simple, yet addictive game that encouraged users to share their scores via social media in order to drive traffic to the website.

Self-service counters and in-store payment screens are used to speed up the ordering process. Bold, clean graphics and clear messaging help to simplify the customer experience.

What they say about DF:

Brilliant food, great ambiance, highly recommended! Will be back soon!! @Boydongood

Loving the designs @DFMexicoDiner also very nommy. #yum @RussDLDesign

The best chilli I’ve ever eaten @DFMexicoDiner and I’ve spent a month in Mexico… @luciefiggis

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