Wahaca cookbook launch

One of those great days where all the hard work pays off. A double launch celebration for both the Wahaca cookbook and their fantastic new Southbank restaurant. Sun shining and shipping-container-inspired graphics. Congratulations to the Wahaca team and those clever people at Softroom architects.


Spilling the beans

Six months of work come to fruition with the publication of the first Wahaca cookery book – designed and illustrated by BuroCreative. In true Wahaca style it shows how to cook cliché-busting Mexican recipes with ingredients sourced from closer to home. Thanks to Malou Burger for fantastic food photography and congratulations to all at Wahaca and publishers Hodder & Stoughton.


Coming soon…

Hard to keep things on the QT when 8 recycled shipping containers are involved. Wahaca announce their experimental kitchen – washing up on the South bank this summer –
with some visual trickery.


Chilli out

Congratulations to Wahaca on recently launching their own line of sauces (label designs by BuroCreative). Available in all of Wahaca’s restaurants, and just as good on a bacon bap as a burrito.


National doodle day 2012

As I’m sure you’re all aware, Friday 2nd March 2012 marks National doodle day. To celebrate here are some illustrations we’ve worked on over the last few months. If you’d like to get involved in the action and give some money to a good cause visit doodle.epilepsy.org.uk


Best of British

This weekend sees the launch of Wedgwood & Bentley at Frankfurt’s Ambiente. Positioned at the very top end of the Wedgwood range, these hand-crafted, artisan pieces celebrate a golden age of British industry. Josiah Wedgwood’s partnership with merchant Thomas Bentley in the 1700s inspired some of the most unique pottery ever created. Today’s collection, using the same hand-crafting techniques as in Wedgwood’s day, demonstrate that high-end British craftsmanship is alive and well.

BuroCreative have been working with Wedgwood on the development of the brand, bringing these iconic products into a contemporary context – the first fruits of our labour being an iPad app showcasing beautiful pieces and bespoke services.

Wedgwood is such an inspiring figure in English history and we’re proud to be involved in bringing one of the UK’s iconic brands back to the fore. More to come…



A new identity for the UK’s largest interiors show

A preview of an identity redesign we completed over the summer for Interiors UK, Britain’s largest interior design show. Catering for a more design-conscious audience in 2012, the show is vessel for a multitude of products and styles – divided into distinct areas. The new identity, therefore, is based around a flexible logo that “reveals” the different halls, features and aspects of the event. The work was applied across global advertising, direct mail and event literature. We’ll be visiting the show on Wednesday 25th January (to buy one of those huge anglepoise lamps) so perhaps we’ll see you there.


Creative in the kitchen

Last night BuroCreative swapped the studio for the kitchen of Food@52 (www.foodat52.co.uk), in celebration of the festive season. As we’ve been working on lots of projects within the restaurant industry, we thought we would have a Christmas party with a difference – putting our money where our mouth is and getting creative in the kitchen.We prepared and cooked five wonderful courses, whilst learning useful cooking tips and trying out some nifty but risky knife skills. A few of the team shone with their ravioli making and chopping skills, whilst others wrestled less successfully with peeling a butternut squash. What took took quite a while to make was devoured in no time at all, leaving us all very full, but very impressed with our newfound kitchen skills. Huge thanks to Jon and Jackie at Food@52.


A fair day’s work

Even since the deluge of applications for our recent job vacancies we’ve been attuned to the subject of unpaid internships. Whilst the compelling comparison between glitzy fashion houses and their unpaid interns grabbed headlines recently (www.guardian.co.uk/fashion/2011/dec/08/fashion-labels-warned-unpaid-interns), it’s clear that unpaid internships have become a way of life throughout the creative industries (i.e. Jobs that a lot of people really want to do) – including design.

There is a clear difference between a few days work shadowing (for which payment is not expected as the benefits are clearly in one direction) and a placement where an applicant with a degree actively contributes to a studio (whether this work is used or not is a moot point, as design can be an inherently wasteful discipline). BuroCreative will always pay interns above the minimum wage. The majority of applicants we interviewed however, had been through unpaid internships, some with serious consequences on morale and attitude, others on placements of up to 6 months without pay – a long time to be work-shadowing and making tea.

Design blogs are often full of protestations at the industry not being taken seriously – from attacks on “amateur” designers undercutting professionals, to calls to end free pitching. It would be a gross hypocrisy if these were the same companies taking on interns without paying them. If businesses don’t have a moral obligation to consider how tough it is for young graduates, then they should at least have the professionalism to be run as a business – not exploiting a false economy of free labour. Our industry shouldn’t wait to be told off by HMRC, and instead act like the professional enterprise it claims to be.


New faces

A big welcome to two new junior designers at BuroCreative, Jonathan Jarvis and Katy Smith. Jonathan, a graduate from Falmouth, proved himself during a month’s internship which included some high-stakes impromptu artworking on-site at Wahaca Bluewater. Chilli lover and tequila connoisseur, Jonathan brings foodie knowledge, typographic flair and his own habanero sauce to the team. Katy, a recent Nottingham Trent graduate, produced some stunning work in response to our interview challenge. Making the big step from home in Birmingham down to London, Katy has an approach to design that fits perfectly at BuroCreative – bold, characterful ideas underpinned by excellent illustration skills. It’s vital to have a range of perspectives in the studio and, even if they have already cruelly exposed the fashion and social-media naivety of older members of the studio, it’s really exciting to have such talented, inspiring young people joining the team. Here’s to creating some great work together.


Fit for a queen

A preview of work celebrating the 55th running of the iconic Hennessy Gold Cup. The illustration was foil blocked on VIP invitations, to be sent to the royal family no less.


No one puts Babe in the corner

When we heard that our favourite mobile eatery* was going into storage for winter naturally we were horrified. However, it soon became clear that the Mexican Street Kitchen was remaining very much open for business. Panic over, we set up about designing some snappy graphics to adorn the walls of its temporary new home. Cue shameless festive puns and wintry wordplay galore!

*note: van may not be mobile


Smashin pumpkins!

Well, it’s that time of the year again when a certain member of the team locks himself away in a dark cupboard for the weekend before emerging on Monday morning bleary eyed with blistered fingers and a strong sense of self loathing.

Here’s the fruit of my labours (in this case a pumpkin). I think you’ll agree, seven hours well spent!



Job applications – the reality

6pm, Friday 23rd September, and we sent our ad for a Junior Designer down the wires. The following Monday, we had close to 200 responses. By last Friday’s closing date, there were nearly 600. It’s a situation that brings daily news of economic difficulties into context and our overriding emotions, when faced with this bursting inbox, were of sympathy and trepidation.

It’s a frustrating situation for everyone. Whilst senior staff spent the entire weekend and more looking through every single CV, it would take weeks to respond to each individually – despite many valid requests for feedback. It struck us, however, as we waded through the good, the bad and the occasionally unsettling, that it was important for those looking to start or further a career in design to understand the reality of the job market at present and for us to offer some words of constructive criticism and encouragement. What follows is not copy and pasted from some jobs site, but borne out of reactions to these recent applications. It’s important to ask, therefore, when reading, is this me?

For feedback, read on…

Our final comment would be one of hope and encouragement. The skill set we were looking for was specific to our current needs. On this search, we saw some great talent, which, while not appropriate for this role, we were sure would find the right opportunity to shine. And we were happy to hear from candidates who had managed to secure jobs or placements elsewhere. Young, enthusiastic, creative minds will always be needed. 


Junior Designer wanted

BuroCreative is looking for a talented Junior Designer with the proven ability to generate wonderful ideas and concepts, as well as execute them beautifully across print and online.

You could be a recent graduate with a strong portfolio or someone with experience, looking for the next challenge.

You will need to…

  • Have passion and flair for design craft (branding, typography, layout) and a way with words wouldn’t be wasted.
  • Feel comfortable working in a small team, taking direction but also responsibility for your work.
  • Be enthusiastic, open-minded and curious.
  • Have a preference for a quiet working environment and be interested in the world outside of design.

If this sounds like you, send a CV and pdf portfolio to jobs@burocreative.co.uk by 14th Oct 2011.

No agencies please.

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